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Simparica Trio

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Simparica Trio

When it comes to harmful parasites using an effective preventative is important to safeguard your pet from disease as well as helping to protect your family's health.

Just one dose of Simparica TRIO provides triple action protection:
• Kills fleas before they can lay eggs - preventing your dog and home from flea infestation
• Controls flea allergy dermatitis - bringing relief to you itchy dog
• Treats and controls paralysis ticks and brown dog ticks - minimising risk of paralysis and infection
• Simparica TRIO has persistent flea and tick killing activity for 5 weeks (35 days)
• 100% effective at preventing deadly heartworm disease
• Treats and controls hookworms and roundworms - including larval stages, reducing risk of transmission to other members of the family

It's important to note that not all preventatives are the same and your vet will be able to advise what treatments are best to meet the specific needs of your dog.

Zoetis proudly provides all of Greyhound Rescue's Kennel Kids with their monthly dose of Simparica Trio.