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SavourLife Training Treats

SavourLife Training Treats

SavourLife’s Australian Training Treat Range are delicious, bite-size, meaty chunks; perfect for training and rewarding (and great as toy stuffers too!). These tasty morsels are perfectly sized in little cubes to easily train and reward. SavourLife Training Treats are high-value; that’s training speak for ‘your dog will do anything for the taste!’

Can't decide whoch flavour? Why not choose the sampler pack and try all three.

Made right here in Australia, from ingredients including real Australian meat, and they contain no artificial colour or flavours. Great to have on hand when you're walking, playing or having fun! Not only do dogs love them, they are healthy too! They’re enriched with vitamins and minerals, plus added fish oil, packed with Omega 3&6, for a shiny and healthy coat. As an added bonus they are low in fat and salt.