• Image of FurFresh Barkaroo

We all need a little treat every now and again! These delicious Barkaroo healthy treats are made with 100% human grade, more sustainable kangaroo fillets. The kangaroo is thinly sliced, brushed with organic coconut oil and sprinkled with parsley. And. That’s. All. No nasties added, before being slowly dehydrated until they’re chewy and tasty. Yum!

They’re best stored in the fridge or freezer as like all FurFresh food they’re preservative and additive free! When stored properly they’ll last months, but we don’t know of any pup that can leave them alone that long!

All profit goes toward out rescue and rehoming costs. There's also the option for you to buy one for your hound and one for our kennel kids, as interesting foods are an important part of our enrichment program. Simply select the option 'one for me and one for the kennel kids' and we will send one to you and treat our kennel kids to some fun with the other pack!